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Granddaughter of Tehenen-las-Lahai, last lord of the sea-elves. Naaluiven is heir to the high rule over the elves at the time of their rising (this is a title that has very little actual weight and grants her no power, rights or duties, as for the most part of her life said rising seems impossible and even then she's only second in line and elves are immortal - it is more like a memory of greatness that is handed down to her than anything).
She is betrothed to Jahhel-at-Kåålashrait, a dwarf, though at this point they assume that that is as formal as their relationship can ever get due to her social standing (and because of the racial difference). Dwarves usually go by (more or less chosen) nicknames in everyday interactions, though the group with which they travel calls Jahhel "Matthew" which is not so much a nickname as the name that she went by when growing up. Maleena best translates to "friend of my heart" and is a word describing one's romantic beloved partner. In the future, a marriage will happen and they will even be granted a child by one of the gods, Erhel-at-Jahhalait-ra-Naaluivait or Naaluiven-be-Jahhel-si-Arhainen.

Elves in Naaluiven's world are affiliated with the elements of air and fire and one of the three races who can perform magic (the others being keirill and dwarfs; humans can negate magic and have factual empathy). Elven magic is cast through song and controlled through tattoos (to have a focal point) which are usually located on their arms and hands.

Their lifespan is unlimited, though they can be killed, and after a child reaches the point at which it would be physically able to survive alone (roughly between a human 10 and 12), their ageing process depends entirely on circumstances like food supply, political/social situation and emotional state - they can even regress in apparent age, though that rarely happens. There is no knowledge about the afterlife in her world, though they know that one exists because souls go somewhere. All they know is that the two worlds are not connected in any way that a living being could see, and this includes her world's gods.


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